VIP Living Center - Irving
                   Where we care not just for the absence of pain,but the presence of joy! 


Owned and operated by:

John Ross, B.Sc.
Jillian Ross, R.N.
David W. Vinson, M.D. 


Our Aim: Quality care with attention to detail.

Our philosophy is to create a home environment, apart from an institution, where the residents can be provided top quality personalized care, including assistance in daily living (ADLs), skilled nursing, assistance and/or administration with their medications, and rehabilitation.

We are associated with Home Care Companies and Hospice Companies, that provide extra services paid through Medicare and private insurance. These services include physical, occupational and respiratory therapy, wound care and colostomy consultations etc. We have a podiatrist, who regularly visits and we have developed an excellent relationship with the Senior Center doctors in Irving.

Our Motto: “The love of Christ constrains us …”


John and Jillian who operate the facility, are a couple committed to the highest standards of professionalism.

Our business started around 2001, when we took home a friend of ours who had undergone a massive surgery. She had no family that could provide the necessary nursing care, to rehabilitate her back to living a useful life again. We experienced the joy of seeing her respond to tender love and care, and after several months she was able to take care of herself. This was a worthwhile challenge. During this time, Jillian joined a Home Care Company and began to see the need for a top quality assisted living facility.

Around February 2003 we began looking for a large house in Irving suitable to be used as a residential care home. Shortly after this time we had an unexpected sovereign meeting with a long standing friend, Dr. David Vinson. When we shared with him our burden and vision, he was stunned for he had the house that was ideal for an assisted living facility.